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Learning the ropes at the MGF Tring depot!

In the South East, Tring depot Hire Desk Controllers, Rebecca Morrissey and Abi Marsh have been learning about life in one of our yards.

To gain some hands-on experience with the products the two Tring depot employees deal with everyday, Abi and Rebecca were invited to tour their yard and spend time with some of their drivers.

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“Rebecca and Abi both thoroughly enjoyed their time and said they found the experience eye opening. They now have a better appreciation of all the work that goes into getting the jobs ready.

“In addition to working in the yard they both had a day out with a driver. Both Rebecca and Abi said this helped them to understand the importance of making sure the drivers have all the necessary information and that sites are contacted the night before.

“They now really understand how important the working relationship between all of our departments is and that the whole process is a team effort.”

Sian Munro, Tring Hire Desk Manager

After spending their day jet washing, picking jobs, watching the lorries being loaded and filling out paperwork, the pair felt they learned a lot more than expected and look forward to experiencing more.

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