GRP Lightweight Shoring

Lightweight Shoring Product Range Launched

MGF design and develop GRiPSHORE™ a versatile shoring solution for shallow excavations to support our customers to create safe working environments.

The lightweight, modular GRP shoring equipment enables rapid creation of a safe working environment in shallow excavations.

Construction workers in protective gear installing a red MGF trench box at a work site

GRiPSHORE Product Trials with Balfour Beatty

Providing a shoring solution for 1000mm to 2000mm deep trenches is a standard requirement. The MGF GRiPSHORE™ range enables safe working through modular lightweight shoring equipment that can be transported easily, installed manually and has improved durability and strength above traditional, heavier aluminium support systems.

Designed, developed and patent protected by MGF in response to customers safety needs, the product range provides a versatile hire solution for quickly installed, flexible shoring in excavations up to 2000mm deep and 1450mm wide. The product range include

– GRP Trench Sheets and Walers

– GRP Vertishore

– GRP Trench Box

– GRP Modular Box

The range can be supplied with safe access solutions such as MGF WALKSAFE and MGF CROSSINGSAFE, lightweight temporary crossing plates used to form pedestrian and vehicle access.

Manufactured from pultruded glass reinforced plastic (GRP), it is a lightweight shoring option that makes for easy manual handling without the need for an excavator. The products modular form allows it to be easily transported in commercial vehicles with a small payload capacity, this combined with its durable, electrically non conductive and fire retardant material are key benefits for reactive utilities works.

The MGF GRiPSHORE™ range is available with extensive guidance on installation sequencing and safety, view our video or visit our Media Centre for more information.

Since 2014 MGF GRiPSHORE™ have been incorporated into CITB training courses, Andrew Swan CITB Construction Instructor commented “I can see this product becoming the ‘go to’ system for quick limited access works such as utility and service bursts. The lightweight design and efficient installation make this the best new product I have installed for a long time”

For more information about the MGF GRiPSHORE™ product range browse our website or to arrange a demonstration please call our Head Office on 01942 402 700.

Read the MGF GRiPSHORE product range here