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Looking back at our 2022 products!

As 2022 draws to a close, we are looking back at the products we launched across our shoring, lifting and safety divisions over the past year.

From box systems to ground compactors, there has been a wide variety of products, fit for all types of projects across the country, both below ground and above.

Modified Standard Trench Box 03 MB

High Clearance Standard Trench Box

To start off the year, MGF launched the High Clearance Standard Trench Box into the market! This box was designed in response to a customer request and offers an alternative panel design to our existing trench box systems, allowing for greater understrut clearance.

4.2m Trench Box

January also marked the release of the 4.2m Trench Box, our largest box system to date, with great understrut clearance and high panel safe working loads. This product also features strengthened push points for added robustness and is compatible with our shoring range.

I3 Trench boxes are suitable MB 0 00 05 08

Utility Waler with Struts MB

Utility Waler

April marked the launch of our improved 2-sided hydraulic bracing system, the Utility Waler. Designed for the safe installation or repair of utilities, they are generally suitable for long narrow trenches, making them ideal for work on highways.

Safe Lift Road Plate

Developed after a proposal was submitted to our new product incentive scheme, the Safe Lift Road Plate launched in April. This product features a central lifting socket on the plate, so that it can be lifted with a single chain, improving safety and the speed of the handling process.

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S80 Spreader Beam

In July, we launched an in-house developed modular lifting product, the S80 Spreader Beam. The single leg beam holds two slings apart and comprises of a range of spreader extensions and end attachments that allow for the system to easily be built to the required length.

F55 Spreader Frame

Consisting of 4 legs joined together by a corner attachment, the F55 Spreader Frame is designed to lift heavy items, preventing them from being damaged or crushed, making it ideal for lifting large, heavy objects such as shipping containers.

Spreader Frame

4 TrayArm Lift Points MB edited

T33 Lifting Tray

Designed specifically to safely lift excavators or heavy machinery, up to a maximum weight of 33t, in and out of excavations and shafts, the T33 Lifting Tray is ideal for major projects that require a crane that handles an excavator.

AL15 Adjustable Lifting Beam

The AL15 Adjustable Lifting Beam was designed to be a single point lifting beam that can achieve a maximum span of 6.0 metres with a maximum Working Load Limit of 15 tonnes. The beam also features one central lifting point, that attaches to the crane with a sling, as well as up to 4 lifting profiles which attach to the load.


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Excavator Mounted Compactor Plate

In November, we introduced the Excavator Mounted Compactor Plate into our excavator attachment range. This product is used to compact soil, sand and gravel and features a quick hitch mechanism that adjusts to suit the size of the excavator onsite.

Hydraulic Tirfor®

Used for pulling small, pre-cast concrete pipes, from DN300 up to DN900, The Hydraulic Tirfor® compliments our existing range of culvert pullers. They are a lightweight and easily portable system, that is suitable for use anywhere.

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Epoxy Coated Steel Ladder and Ladder Securing Lamps

At the start of December, we launched two new products into the fleet, the Epoxy Coated Steel Ladder and Ladder Securing Clamps. The new ladder is easily identifiable, due it’s orange colouring and is compatible with Laddersafe and Wall Bridge systems.

To celebrate 2022, our animations department have put together an animation showcasing these new products.

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