Trench supported by GRiPSHORE equipment as construction workers are down inside the excavation

How does GRP shoring work?

In a nutshell, we make GRP shoring work by using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) materials combined with Trench Jacking Theory.

Our Research and Development Engineers combined light, flexible GRP materials with a clever Trench Jacking Theory that has been used in America for over 50 years.

The unique combination developed into a strong but highly versatile lightweight solution to reactive shoring for shallow excavations, GRP Shoring, GRiPSHORE.

Let our video explain trench jacking theory in under a minute.


Its simple really. Trench Jacking diverts the loads from the soil onto the jacks and GRP materials provides the flexibility to create a safe working environment quickly, as its lightweight enough to transport in a van and quickly assemble when reactive maintenance is needed for utilities works.

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