MGF are introducing the NEW Hydraulic Tirfor® into our product range!

Introducing a NEW product into the fleet! The Hydraulic Tirfor® is perfect for pulling small, pre-cast concrete pipes and has made a great new addition to our Shoring range.

Hydraulic Tirfors are predominately used for pulling small, pre-cast concrete pipes, from DN300 up to DN900, and compliment our existing range of Culvert Pullers. They are a lightweight and easily portable system, that is suitable for use anywhere.

There are 2 power options for the Tirfor hydraulic pump, petrol powered, or electrical generator powered.

Tirfor Image 03 VM V2
Tirfor Image 05 VM 1
Tirfor Image 08 VM 1

MGF’s Tirfors are hydraulic winches, with a maximum pulling force of 3.2t. They are supplied with an anchor, pulling beam, hydraulic pump c/w hoses and a pulling wire rope.

The Pulling beam, which comprises of lightweight components, is assembled to size and installs at the opposing end of the pipe run to the anchor. Wire rope connects the Tirfor to the pulling beam. The anchor and pulling point should be adjusted to ensure the pulling wire rope is horizontal throughout the pulling operation. The Tirfor can then be operated remotely via the hydraulic pump to pull the pipes/culverts together.

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