mgf fors

MGF excel to FORS Silver across our entire fleet!

Every year our fleet is assessed by FORS and has for many years been awarded the bronze standard. This time round, our transport team have excelled and achieved the FORS silver status for the company as a whole!

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) sets out to raise the quality of fleet operations and sets a standard that transport policies and procedures are adhered to by the company.

FORS allows MGF to demonstrate to our customers and supply chain that we are committed to exceeding the industry standard by managing our safety, efficiency and environmental protection. Achieving the silver status nationwide opens up many doors for MGF, it provides our customers with the knowledge and assurance that we are safely and efficiently operating to improve road safety and reduce the impacts of fleet operations.

The bronze certification has a substantial 33 requirements broken down into management, operations, drivers and vehicles, with a further 8 for the silver including professional development, sub-contracted services and vehicle safety equipment. Our Transport Coordinator, Ruth Worsley, has been leading the organisation of all documentation that resulted in our successful submission. Our journey to obtaining the silver award for the entire fleet has not been a short or easy task – taking 18 months and facing countless delays due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but Ruth has maintained a positive attitude and kept persevering with maintaining and updating all the relevant information – resulting in the great achievement for the business.

I would like to give special thanks to all the depots who have done their part in supplying the necessary information and ensuring that our drivers and other employees were available to carry out the mandatory training. Thanks also to our SHEQ and Operational Support Teams and of course, Ruth, I cannot praise her enough. Alongside her regular duties, Ruth has collated and submitted documentation for 11 depots – more than we have ever done before – a huge task so well done Ruth!

Chris Purcell, Transport Manager

Thank you to all involved in helping achieve this, it presents MGF with a huge opportunity for continued future developments and gives our customers the knowledge that we are operating a safe, green transport operation.