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MGF Launch New 4.2M Trench Box

We are introducing a new trench box to our range! The 4.2m Trench Box features large understrut clearances with high panel safe working loads.

With 100mm thick panels coming in at 4.2m long, 2.9m high base panels and 1.4m high top panels, 4.2m Trench Boxes can be used in depths of up to 5.7m when attaching 2 top units. This new system has an understrut clearance of either 1650mm or 1850mm due to the two different lower strut positions included in the new design to suit customer requirements.

This addition offers strengthened push points on the top panel for added robustness and is compatible with our range of shoring products as well as the MGF Pipelifter due to the larger panel length.

The 4.2m Trench box is compatible with a variety of other MGF products:

As part of this new product launch, our Safe System of Work guidance for assembling and installing Trench Boxes has been updated and new animations detailing extraction of box systems have also been produced. Click here to see more.

For more information, see the product page.