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MGF Launch New 5.2M Manhole Box

Introducing the new 5.2m Manhole Box system!

MGF’s latest product will be the biggest manhole box system offered in the market to date.   

The system includes a 5.2m x 2.5m base panel and a 5.2m x 1.6m top panel, while a maximum achievable depth of 5.7m is possible when using one base assembly and two top assemblies. The panels are manufactured out of 100mm thick box sections and are fully compatible with a range of MGF shoring safety products such as Edgesafe, Davitsafe, Laddersafe and Endsafe Panels.

Concrete manhole rings of up to 4.0m internal (DN4000) can be installed within the new panels. The understrut clearance of the base panel is 1.6m and there is 4.84m between the struts.

The system is installed using a Dig and Push method.

For more information, see the product page.

Manhole Box sizes