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MGF Launch New Online Store

MGF are very proud to announce that our online store is now open!

With over 150 products available, customers can now purchase the necessary equipment directly from our website and receive quick and efficient delivery of their items. Our store also allows for secure payment by credit card, Visa and MasterCard as well as promising quality service for your safety needs.

Our online store offers a vast array of quality products, with ranges including; Harnesses, Ropes and Lanyards, Working at Height, Confined Space Equipment, Stretchers, Pipe Sealing and Testing, Personal Protective Equipment, Flood Defence and Gas Detection.

Since MGF launched our investment into safety products in 2014, we have successfully provided customers with industry leading safety solutions. We understand that it is of the highest importance that people are kept safe onsite and fully support the effort to continue increasing health and safety standards within the industry.

In keeping with our goal to provide industry leading safe support solutions, our safety products enable our customers to keep safe onsite. This is why products are continuously added to our fleet in order to keep up with industry demands.

Through the online store, customers can now purchase safety equipment as and when needed, whether they themselves are onsite, travelling or sat in the office. Having this as a resource minimises any delay in service time and ensures the efficient process of securing safety products.

MGF’s Regional Manager Neil Price states;

“The launch of our online store is an effective way for MGF to offer high quality safety products with more accessibility. The customer can now simply visit the website and choose their own equipment when needed without any delay. This is an exciting step for MGF and the continued expansion of our safety division.”

If you are looking through the store and are in need of some advice or extra information, contact us at and a member of the team will get in touch.  

Browse our online store today!

MGF online store on a laptop and mobile screen