Animation of red MGF T700 Brace installed at an excavation

MGF Launch T700 Brace

MGF is delighted to introduce the industry’s strongest modular hydraulic bracing system – the T700 Brace.

To improve our current product offering and to enable larger, clear spans than previously achievable, our Research and Development team and our Major Projects team worked together to develop a new stronger bracing system. As tanks are getting bigger and excavations getting deeper, the requirement for such a system was increasing.

The new T700 Brace System is fully compatible with existing MGF heavy duty hydraulic bracing systems and bracing strut systems. T700 Brace legs can be connected to 406UC brace legs at the corner, delivering our customers the most efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Manufactured from high grade steel, the T700 Brace enables large, clear spans, in excess of 30.0m – making it ideal for large tank installs, basement constructions and major projects.

The latest addition to our fleet is available in three lengths of 6.0m, 9.0m and 12.0m along with 406 UC to T700 transition adaptors and is compatible with:
• 406 UC Brace
• 600, 1000 Series extensions
• 3500kN swivels