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MGF Launch Two New Culvert Puller Adaptors

We have now added two sets of MGF Culvert Puller adaptors into our fleet.

Our Culvert Puller product range has been expanded due to the launch of two new sets of adaptors that vastly increase their pulling range.

The Front Mount Tube allows the Culvert Puller to install pipes and culverts with an internal height of less than 1.2m, this is done by mounting the Culvert Pullers externally. Culvert runs of up to 25m can also be accommodated with this.

The second set of adaptors to be added to the fleet are the Heavy-Duty Struts and Heavy-Duty Strut Extensions that enable the Culvert Puller to be used with culverts up to 4.2m internal height.

Both these adaptors allow MGF customers to install a much wider range of culverts and pipes using the new Culvert Puller. Easy to assemble and install, these new adaptors allow customers greater options when it comes to using the Culvert Puller.

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