Animation of MGF's new Utility Trench Box

MGF Launches a New Trench Box System, ‘Utility Trench Box’

A new Trench Box System has been introduced into the MGF fleet.

The Utility Trench Box has been designed to be used during utility repairs, small pipe installs/repairs and jointing applications.

The new system was originally developed for a customer for jointing bays after requiring further assistance on their project. The Utility Trench Box is compatible with MGF Endsafe Panels, Edgesafe, Laddersafe and Davitsafe products.

With a length of 3.0m and height of 2.5m, the system features a pair of rigid, bolted, high clearance struts enabling a maximum understrut clearance of 1.95m. This system can be used in internal trench widths of 1.5m to 3.85m, with a maximum depth of 2.5m.

The system also includes two lengths of strut extensions, 0.65m and 1.0m which bolt directly to the soldier on the Trench Box panels, in different combinations, to give a range of different trench widths. As for installation, these panels should be installed in a dig and drop installation method.

For more technical details, see the product page.

MGF animation of Utility Trench Box
Images of Utility Trench Box