MGF Passes RISQS Audit

We are proud to announce that MGF have once again passed our RISQS audit after a 2-day visit!

The Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme assists buyers and suppliers in meeting safety obligations, by ‘providing a fair and transparent way for them to be recognised as capable providers of products and services.’ They are recognised by the rail industry as the most effective means of deriving assurance and managing supply risk.

RISQS involves MGF continuously in keeping up to date and implementing rail industry standards and other requirements from external associated bodies.

Senior SHEQ Advisor Niall Rooney commented:

‘We understand that the requirements and standards to work within the rail industry are ever changing to improve safety, sustainability and overall conformance which is why we are happy to be able to demonstrate our compliance with RISQS year in, year out.

MGF will continue to strive to be the most trusted supplier within our field by implementing stringent processes and procedures to ensure we can provide service with confidence to our customers.’

Well done and thank you to all involved in this process.

For further insight into RISQS, please see their website.