Collage of MGF products launched in 2020

MGF Products Launched in 2020

All 6 products are available for hire now!

Throughout the year, MGF have been working to successfully develop and launch new products into the fleet that will offer innovative solutions and satisfy customer requirements.

Despite the external obstacles that has come with 2020, we are proud to have successfully launched 6 products into the market that will help our customers to create a safe working environment.  

With our new and improved Research & Development Working Group, staff and customers alike have contributed to the production of the 6 new products launched in 2020. From January to December the following products have been introduced into the market; UniShore, Utility Trench Box, Utility Endsafe Panels, Wall Bridge, Gangway Ramp & 5.2m Manhole Box.

Here are just a few highlighted features of each product:



  • Provides safe, economic solutions to structural support requirements
  • Light (20 tonne), medium (70 tonne) and heavy (150 tonne) capacities
  • The unique profile and high-grade steels give market leading strength to weight performance throughout
  • Includes interconnectable sections

GangWayRamp new 2

Gangway Ramp

  • Provides safer access onto Laddersafe platforms
  • Each ramp can cater for a 0.5m vertical height with the actual ramp being 1.5m long
  • These new developments are modular and can be linked up to three times to a maximum vertical height of 1.5m, carrying a maximum load of 150kg

wall bridge 1 MB

Wall Bridge

  • Designed to overcome the issue of traversing over tall concrete walls
  • Has the ability to clamp to wall thicknesses of 80mm to 650mm and is suitable for use on 100mm+ thick steel box panels
  • Compatible with the MGF Wooden Ladders or GRP Leaning Rung Ladders

utiity Trenchbox edit

Utility Trench Box

  • Designed to be used during utility repairs, small pipe installs/repairs and jointing applications
  • With a panel length of 3.0m and height of 2.5m
  • Features a pair of rigid, bolted, high clearance struts enabling a maximum understrut clearance of 1.95m
  • Compatible with the full range of MGF shoring safety products

Utility Endsafe Panels small

Utility Endsafe Panels

  • New Endsafe panels to close off open ends of box systems
  • Designed specifically for use around existing services
  • Features a 1.2m square hatch to allow service entry
  • Available in 3 sizes, 3.0m x 2.0m, 2.4m x 2.4m and 4.0m x 2.0m and compatible with existing Endsafe panels

manhole box size

5.2m Manhole Box

  • The biggest manhole box system in the market to date
  • Creates a safe environment to install concrete manhole rings of up to 4.0m internal diameter
  • System suitable for depths up to 5.7m
  • Compatible with MGF Edgesafe, Laddersafe, Davitsafe and Endsafe