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MGF are Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2023!

Women in Construction Week is dedicated to changing the stereotype that women in the industry face.

The week was founded by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) in 1953, in order to raise awareness of women in the construction industry and offer a support system to those women, with over 120 chapters and over 4,000 members of the NAWIC across the globe.

In celebration of this week, MGF have asked a few of our own women in construction to explain their pathway into the industry.

Mechelle O’Hara

Regional Manager – Midlands & East Anglia

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Mechelle‚Äôs career with MGF started after a summer placement in the accounts department at our Astley depot and a few years later took the opportunity to relocate to Rugeley in 1990 when MGF expanded into the Midlands.

Initially working on the Hire Desk, Mechelle enjoyed the challenges and variety this role brought. A key element of this was building and maintaining relationships with customers. Now, after 35 years, Mechelle has had the opportunity to gain experience in various different areas of the business.

Since then, Mechelle has progressed to the role of Regional Manager, which allows her to utilise the knowledge and skills she has gained throughout her time at MGF.

“I enjoy helping people in my team to develop, knowing that a sustainable team in MGF requires a diverse workforce with multiple skills and a strong work ethic.”

Regional Manager – Midlands & East Anglia, Mechelle O’Hara

Rebecca Haynes

People Director

Joining the industry in January 2023, Rebecca has been an HR professional and a woman in business for the majority of her career and understands the importance of working towards a more diverse and inclusive culture. Becoming a part of MGF has given Rebecca the opportunity to focus on attracting more women into the industry.

With a background in the manufacturing industry, which has historically been branded as male dominated, Rebecca has endeavoured to develop strategies to bring more women into the industry and increase the number of female leaders.

“The best part of my job is the people, 100%. If you’re thinking of a career in the industry, go for it! It’s a varied and rewarding industry to work in.”

People Director, Rebecca Haynes
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Tracy McMahon

Regional Manager – South West

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Tracy’s career in the construction industry started with a complete career change, as she looked for something that would be varied and challenging. Her role covers both Operations and Sales, where she gets the opportunity to manage frameworks which she finds interesting. Tracy has loved seeing the business in the region grow and is looking forward to seeing further growth in new products and services.

Over the last 10 years, she has seen an increase of women in the construction industry progressing into senior roles. Tracy has found it encouraging to to see a lot of young women joining the industry and being given great opportunities.

I would highly recommend a career in construction, you will meet and work with some great people, it will always be interesting and enjoyable. No two days are ever the same, if you like a challenge and getting stuck in, then give it a go!

Regional Manager – South West, Tracy McMahon

Mia Charnock

Graduate Design Engineer

Mia was introduced to the industry through school, finding that the academic areas she enjoyed were well suited for civil engineering. Her favourite part of her role is being able to economically, and sustainably engineer solutions for a varied selection of structures, ranging from houses to repairing bridges.

“If you enjoy it, do it! Don’t let statistics alter your decision because everybody is treated equally. MGF is an inclusive company, where everybody is treated the same, despite any differences we may have. I genuinely look forward to coming to work as I know I’m working alongside a great team who all want you to succeed and be able to make a difference in the industry.”

Graduate Design Engineer, Mia Charnock
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Olivia Tavener

Management Trainee

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Olivia studied Business and Management at the University of the West of England, based in Bristol, whilst working in retail. After graduating with a First Class degree, Olivia looked for a job that would challenge her and allow her to grow both professionally and personally, and once she read the job description from MGF, she knew this was the role for her.

“My favourite part of my role is definitely the group thinking and team work. Watching everyone come together to find a solution inspires me to hopefully lead a team with the exact mindset. If you are thinking about a job in the construction industry, do it! Don’t be afraid to stand up for things you believe in, constructive criticism will always be gratefully received.”

Management Trainee, Olivia Tavener

Samantha Cahill

Hire Desk Manager

Samantha entered the construction industry looking for a different challenge, and working in a predominantly male industry was just the challenge she wanted. So, when she saw the advert for a role at MGF, Samantha took on the role and never looked back.

Visiting site is the highlight of Samantha’s job, seeing how MGF’s equipment is used first hand keeps the job interesting and varied.

“To anyone thinking of joining the industry, why not? I did and I love it! By just looking on LinkedIn, you can see the amount of women entering the industry.”

Hire Desk Manager, Samantha Cahill
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