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MGF's Engineering Department - Meet our Lead Engineer

Based at our Engineering Centre, in Astley, Greater Manchester, Sam Cherrington, mentors graduate engineers and supports their development. We sat down with Sam to find out more about his role.

Sam Cherrington BW
Sam Cherrington, Lead Engineer

What are your key responsibilities?

In my role, I provide support to MGF’s ground shoring and structural support sectors, as well as mentoring the graduate engineers to enable them to grow and develop in their roles at MGF. Managing the design workload is an important element of my role as it allows us to deliver a good service to our customers in a time efficient manner.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Within my role, I get to be involved in recruitment, I enjoy being able to help the design team grow. I also enjoy the chance I have to better myself, the opportunities MGF have offered for me to progress and develop.

Of course, I enjoy complex projects, as I’m sure many engineers do, these projects challenge my knowledge and help me to think of out of the box solutions.

What made you want a career in civil engineering?

For me, engineering offered a variety of areas to work in, such as, geotechnical, structural and transport. I have always had a keen interest in maths and science, so I thought a career in civil engineering would give me the opportunity to apply my knowledge.

What do you find to be the most interesting projects to work on?

I like working on projects that I am involved in from start to finish. This would include meeting with the contractor to understand their requirements and then produce the design.

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