MGF's Engineering Department - Meet our Trainee Apprentice Engineers

MGF has two Grass Routes Apprentices working in our Engineering Centre in Astley, Greater Manchester. We sat down with them to discuss how their apprenticeships are progressing.

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Luke Eckersley, Trainee Apprentice Engineer

What are you looking forward to achieving from your apprenticeship at MGF?

Starting my apprenticeship with MGF is the first step into my career. I am looking forward to developing and enhancing my knowledge in engineering. I am looking forward to being able to apply what I am learning at university into my projects in the workplace. The office environment has been great for building my skills both professionally and personally.

What made you want a career in civil engineering?

Working in civil engineering has always been a goal of mine; I enjoy problem solving and this is a big element of engineering, solving impacting problems in the world and that every job will be different and have its own set of challenges.

What is your job role as an apprentice?

In my role of Trainee Apprentice Engineer, I provide drawings to customers by working with other members of the Engineering Department.

I’m enjoying the challenge of my apprenticeship, learning all new skills and programmes that will help me in my career as a civil engineer.

What made you chose your apprenticeship?

I was offered the opportunity to attend a day at MGF with a tour of Head Office and Foundation House. The more time I spend working at MGF, the more projects I get the opportunity to work on. I, so far, have only worked on the smaller projects, but I am still interested in the larger projects and cannot wait to expand my skillset when working on one.

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Oliver Briggs, Trainee Apprentice Engineer

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