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MGF's Engineering Department - Meet the Design Engineers for the Midlands

MGF has a team of Design Engineers working out of our Engineering Centre in Astley, Greater Manchester on projects for the Midlands. We sat down with our Midlands team to find out more.

What are your key responsibilities?

My key responsibilities as an Engineering Team Leader are reviewing design briefs and liaising with Technical Sales Representatives to ensure that all required information is provided for the design to be accurate. I assess the level of risk associated with a scheme and categories in accordance with internal procedures and CPA guidelines. I manage a team of engineers, within this I allocate the workload and ensure all designs for my region are completed to agreed deadlines. Attending site meetings is another responsibility of mine, this is where I propose potential solutions and overcome problems, while providing detailed efficient and safe ground support designs.

What made you want a career in civil engineering?

My route to becoming a civil engineer was driven by my love of problem solving, in my role I get to find solutions to different problems on a daily basis.

Marcin Dardzinski BW
Marcin Dardzinski, Engineering Team Leader

Ryan Crawford
Ryan Crawford, Design Engineer

What are your key responsibilities?

My role as a temporary works design engineer involves creating concepts and detailed designs for projects. My responsibilities include engineering new systems in a safe but cost effective manner. I also study the design briefs to develop possible designs and assess the usability of equipment. I use CAD and other software to produce designs.

What do you find to be the most interesting projects to work on?

Large scale major projects are the most interesting as each project is different and challenges your skills to come up with innovative designs, which allows you to develop your engineering knowledge.

What made you want a career in civil engineering?

I’ve always been interested in maths and physics, so I believe civil engineering is a perfect combination of both.

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