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MGF's internal supplier day proves to be a great success with employees

In preparation for the launch of our new lifting range, a supplier day was held at our Astley depot to issue training on our new lifting products. Engineers, Hire Desk Controllers, Sales Representatives and Yard operatives from different regions made their way to the depot to introduce themselves to the new products. The aim of this was to understand the fundamentals of the equipment along with detailed breakdowns of their components in preparation of the upcoming launch.

Four suppliers, working in close collaboration with MGF, were happy to come down on the day to showcase their range of products.  

Hoisting, Blocks and Winches

To begin with, chain hoists and attachments were showcased for the first demonstration. Our team of yard operatives had the opportunity to practice the process of testing and inspecting the products by taking them apart and making the necessary checks.

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Forklift Attachments

Our range of forklift attachments were also demonstrated during the day, these products complement the lifting range as they allow for easy movement of materials around a site, yard and warehouse. One of our forklifts was used to demonstrate to everyone the functionality of the attachments which really highlighted the need for these items.

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Portable Gantries

Our aim is to help make lifting and lowering products on site much easier. We were able to demonstrate the porta gantry capabilities with different possible application scenarios. The gantries are easy to set up and operate with ease of movement from one location to another, allowing for the lifting of materials and personnel in combination with winches and hoists.

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Stone Handling Equipment

Stone handling equipment including vacuum lifters were also demonstrated, this range of lifting attachments are suitable for all types of lifting around sites from machine attachments to handheld devices. With MGF now stocking these products in the fleet, lifting heavy materials around site can be made more time efficient.

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Overall, the open day was a great success for everyone involved, with MGF staff coming away from the event with a better awareness of the new lifting products. We are excited to be able to share these new additions to the fleet.

If you would like to enquire about our lifting range, contact a member of our lifting team: