MGF's Lisa Bury Chosen as WWT Vice Chair

MGF’s Lisa Bury Chosen as Vice Chair of Working Well Together group

Technical Sales Lisa Bury was recently chosen as Vice Chair of WWT which she became a part of in 2018.

The WWT group was set up in 1998 by the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) which recognised the construction industry itself needed to do more to improve its health and safety performance – particularly among the smaller construction businesses. WWT was set up as a joint industry and HSE initiative to help do this and this is reflected in their motto – ‘help from the industry for the industry’.

Lisa became involved in the group after attending an event in the Bristol area and was impressed with the set up and the number of delegates that had come along and how they were supporting them.

‘I was interested in the groups ethos and what it had been set up to do. Soon found out that there was a group in the South Wales area, but we had not been part of it previously. I made contact with the Chair at the time who gave me more information and who invited me along to one of their meetings, and it has gone from there.’

When asked how she felt being chosen for the position by her peers, Lisa said;

‘It is an absolute privilege and shock, but from day 1 of being involved in the group to the present day I have thrown myself into it as much as I could. I attend the monthly meetings very regularly, offer my support and ideas where I can, and have been involved in many of the events we have ran over the past 2 years, including Breaking Ground SHAD, “White Van Tour” and manning the stand at last year’s Construction Week at the NEC. It is great to be able to give back to the industry.’

Nicola Bird who was Vice Chair of WWT for the past 12 months, has now moved onto the Chair position. Lisa shared, ‘Nicola has been the Vice Chair for the last 12 months, so becoming chair was a natural progression. We are aligned in the way we think and have shared aspirations for the group and its members.’

After celebrating Women in Construction week back in March, MGF is proud to see two women at the lead. Speaking on this, Lisa stated,

‘Well, what can you say, after attending the Women In Construction day held by Wessex Water last year I found it absolutely inspiring and to have Nicola and myself heading up this group goes to show how times are changing as we have had nothing but support from our WWT team and I know we are both very excited to see what we can achieve this year and how we can support the industry further, in these challenging times.’

Looking to the future and in the face of current COVID-19 issues, WWT is focusing on other factors that they have concentrated on in the past such as Mental Health Awareness, Effects of Silica Dust, Breaking Ground safely etc as well as making sure they are directing SME’s and smaller companies in the direction where they can get the advice and training they may require.

‘We know that the supply chain support is paramount to keeping our industry aligned in its efforts to improve safety on construction sites. As such we will be working closely with the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) to make those links, extend our reach and support the HSE in achieving its objectives.’

The group is currently working on ways to provide virtual education and support for smaller businesses during COVID- 19.

To get involved, contact or find them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.