Easily Install Sheets with MGF's New MS1 EMV!

With a smaller and lighter design, you can now easily install sheets with our latest EMV addition, the MS1!

We are increasing the overall capacity range of our Piling Hammer fleet with a brand new addition – the MS1 EMV.

EMVs are excavator attachments specifically designed to accurately and efficiently drive and extract sheet piles by applying vibrations to effectively fluidise the soil, this method of installing sheets is known as pre-driving. All our EMVs are used to install sheets using the pre-drive method, see the Safe System of Work animation for this method here.

Here are a few key features the MS1 offers to help further support our customers with their projects:

  • Due to its size and weight, the MS1 can be transported in the back of a pickup van or a transit van, simplifying transportation and handling.
  • It has been purposely designed to be smaller and lighter than our existing MS3 and MS4 units, reducing headroom needed for installing sheets.
  • Suitable for trench sheets up to a maximum length of 4 metres.
  • The quick hitch heads have been developed in-house and massively simplify the attachment to excavators.
  • Two quick hitch heads are available for use with the machine and each head is suitable for excavator quick hitch pin sizes, 40-45mm, 50-55mm and 60-65mm.
EMV animated image
EMV MS1 Driving Sheets
MGF EMV MS1 animation

Our latest unit simplifies the connection of the quick hitch heads to the excavator, given that the majority of available excavators come fitted with a quick hitch coupler. The MS1 allows shorter sheets to be installed using smaller capacity excavators from a 6t – 15t capacity range, suitable for ground types of very loose to loose granular fill.  

Customers can connect the MS1 to excavators either via the use of a quick hitch connecting headplate or with a pinned connector should the excavator not have a quick hitch. To enquire about the MS1, visit the product page.