Red MGF endsafe struts in the ground

MGF and Balfour Beatty Collaborate on New HD Endsafe Struts

MGF have introduced new Heavy Duty Endsafe Struts into our range of shoring products.

After assisting Balfour Beatty in May 2019 on multiple projects, the initial feedback presented suggested an adapted version of our product that would satisfy their future needs. This resulted in the enhancement of the range so that it could meet Balfour Beatty and other customers’ demands for upcoming projects.

As an additional range of Endsafe Struts, the products will be added to the existing range of Waler Endsafe Struts. These telescopic struts are available as a combination of inner and outer sections and are suitable for use with MGF Waler Systems, designed for instances when battering the ends of the trench back to ground level isn’t possible.

MGF Heavy Duty Endsafe Struts are suitable for assembly and installation by hand using two people and can be used in trench widths of up to 3.35m. They are also compatible with MGF’s Aluminium Walers and Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Steel Walers and allow any MGF trench sheet profiles to be installed directly against them.

Along with being easy to assemble and install, the range is suitable for use in trench widths from 1.6m up to 3.35m, giving our customers more options when it comes to using our Waler systems.

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