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Our Managers Views on National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week aims to educate employers about the benefits apprentices can provide for years to come. With this year’s theme being “Build the Future”, employers have an important role in the development of apprentices, ensuring the best for their future while also increasing the skills and knowledge of the company workforce.

We interviewed the managers of some MGF apprentices to see how having an apprentice in their team has had a positive impact and what they have brought to the team.

Karen Maxwell, L&D Manager, Head Office

“I take great joy in seeing someone develop and ultimately achieve their goal i.e., their apprenticeship and progress through their career journey”.

Karen noted benefits for the team such as improving other members mentoring and coaching skills and how new apprentices bring an enthusiasm to learn that permeates throughout the whole team.

“By hiring apprentices, you are able to grow talent and develop a motivated and qualified workforce for the future while providing them with a plethora of skills from time management to negotiation skills”.

Karen also added: “I would definitely encourage other employers to consider hiring an apprentice, as it has proved a positive experience at MGF and has introduced some talented individuals who have a great future with the business”.

Karen’s role plays a vital part in helping the business to continue the support in the employment of apprentices. At MGF, training for apprentices is adaptable and able to meet the needs of both the team and wider company aligning them with company goals and objectives from the start and steering them away from bad practice.

Ger Hallahan, Depot Foreman, North East – Durham

Apprentices can provide a new and innovative approach to ideas when joining an existing team, speaking on this Ger said:

“Apprentices can bring a new fresh dynamic to a team, it allows for skills to be passed on as the apprentice learns and develops in his role”.

Linking to the theme of Building for the Future Ger mentioned:

“We know we have an employee who is trained to our standards and procedures and that they are constantly learning both on the job and in their academic studies”.

When operating in the workshop, a potentially dangerous environment there has must be a level of trust in the apprentice that they do not carry out any bad practice and that they are trained to a high standard. Being trained through an apprenticeship ensures good practice and equips future employees with the skills and knowledge suited to their organisation.

Ger would encourage other employers to take on an apprentice as it is something that the team at Durham consider having proven to work very well for our business.

Stephen Baldwin, Marketing Manager, Head Office

When speaking on the benefits that apprentices can provide, Stephen said:

“There are lots of benefits when bringing an apprentice into the team but for me there are two main reason’s I was excited to do this again. The first is you can give a young person the opportunity to learn about the world of work and become qualified in a profession they are interested in. The second is for the development of wider team”.

He would encourage others in similar positions to hire an apprentice, with this being the second apprentice he has helped progress in their career. While understanding the first hand benefits, they can provide to the team and MGF have benefited from being able to push their Marketing efforts with some really interesting projects in the pipeline.

Stephen also added:

“They can bring new and fresh ideas into the business and if you do it right the result is a loyal, knowledgeable, and experienced member of the team, and what could be better than that?”

National Apprenticeship Week is about encouraging people still in the education system and employers on the beneficial impact an apprenticeship can provide, which after interviewing MGF apprentices and managers is clear to see.

To find out more about hiring an apprentice and the impact it can have please visit here.