Our Warrington depot upcycle UniShore® props to create a new workbench

MGF are committed to creating products that last in the long term. When a product has been deemed unfit for use, it will often become something else entirely. This is to reduce waste and boost a product’s lifetime tenfold.

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Alan Williams, our Warrington depot supervisor, tasked yard operative Joe Jackson with creating a new workbench for the workshop. The bench itself has been crafted from upcycled light duty UniShore® props and other scrap materials.

“We were setting up our new hydraulic test area in the workshop, instead of sourcing a new workshop bench, I asked Joe to see what he could with some of the UniShore® extension props that were down for disposal. As you can see, I was very impressed with the result. Heavy duty bench ,even the bolt holes lined up for us to fit a vice.”

Alan Williams, Warrington Depot Supervisor

These benches are just the most recent in a long line of upcycled materials that speak to the circular nature of MGF’s economy. We celebrate Alan’s initiative and look forward to seeing more from the rest of our talented team across the country.

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