Tunnel at Stena Line Terminal at Birkenhead Docks

MGF Provide Safety Job in 10 Minutes

One of MGF’s most recent jobs included a visit to Stena Line Terminal at Birkenhead Docks where the customer needed access to a small manhole entrance in order to complete some work inside.

Initially, our team offered the Counterbalance Davit System for the job but this product was quickly discovered to be too bulky for the task at hand due to its multiple components. The customer had also tried a Tripod solution but found that the Tripod’s legs were taking up too much space around the tight manhole entrance area.

Taking onboard the customers feedback and concerns, the safety team researched other solutions on the clients behalf and offered the Five Piece Davit System for the job.

This is a product that is new to the MGF fleet. The system is lightweight, easy to install and due to its size offers more space and manoeuvrability around the manhole entrance.

The product’s easy installation meant that our team had it in place onsite and ready to use within 10 minutes, allowing the customer to continue with the job at hand.

For more information on our safety products, see here.