Installation OffsetEdgesafe S6STILL

Small Innovations for Big Safety Benefits

Focusing on continual innovation is a habit for all of the MGF team.

From our yard operatives, drivers and foreman to our dedicated research and development engineers, we all share a drive to improve our processes, products and services through innovation. Our aim is to further support our customers to create safe working environments around excavations.

For example, our off set connecting clamp is one of the smaller items in our extensive fleet of products, but it does a big job.

Designed to off set the Edgesafe barriers on trench boxes just enough – 300mm – to provide site operatives with a practical solution to provide full edge protection at each stage of the trench boxes installation, reducing the need to work at height or navigate overdug or unstable excavation edges.

See it in action in the short video below.



Like our whole fleet, its designed and manufactured at our Head Offices in the Northwest. This just one example of how listening to the safety issues that our customers face onsite everyday, can result in product development that solves those safety problems and lets them focus on the task in hand efficiently.

For more information about our collaborative approach to driving innovation and safety for the shoring industry contact us on 01942 402 700 or