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Sustainability: 3 ways we are improving!

At MGF, we are striving to become more sustainable in everything that we do.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly bigger issue, not just in the construction industry, but in our everyday lives. The construction industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions due to the resource usage of steel, concrete and cement, as well as other energy and processes. Here are 3 examples of what we are doing internally to encourage sustainability:

1. Behavioural changes

As a company we have been utilising resources on The Supply Chain Sustainability School , as well as creating our own resources, to develop the knowledge of our staff on sustainability topics. By selecting modules that relate to our industry, we have seen our staff become more conscious whilst in the workplace. This has included:

  • Ensuring lights and equipment are turned off when not needed
  • Making use of segregated recycling bins
  • Taking opportunities to educate colleagues
  • Becoming proactive with ideas to improve sustainability in the workplace

2. Upcycling

Upcycling is a great way to utilise materials or products that would otherwise end up in landfill. Employees at our depots have been creative with any unneeded equipment by making things that are useful in the everyday working of the depot. Upcycling also reduces the number of skips that we use, which reduces our carbon footprint from any transport and waste disposal.

Bristol storage 1
Yorkshire planter 3 1
Yorkshire workbench 2

3. Gardens

To promote employee wellbeing and local biodiversity, we have been encouraging each of our depots to create a garden area. No matter how big or small, each depot has found an area for a green space that can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Improves biodiversity, which supports the species and organisms that work together to support life
  • Improves wellbeing and quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety
  • Urban vegetation has the ability to store carbon, which is important in the fight against climate change

Many of our depots have been using upcycled sleepers and other equipment to make garden furniture and planters. The gardens have been a great way for staff to spend their breaks outdoors. They have reported an increase in wellbeing, as well as a heightened sense of purpose that has brought a positive change to the depots that all staff are enjoying.

Livingston planter 1
Exeter planter 1
Astley planter 1

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