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Tagging to Ensure Quality!

Our tagging system is used across the business to maintain our high standards

Tagging for MGF is a system where we tag each item. We have three types of tags: one in red, one in yellow and one in green. The green tags mean the item is finished, painted and ready to go out to a customer. The yellow tags mean we’ve inspected them and the items are ready to go over to the painting. The red tags mean we’ve found a fault on the product, something is wrong with the product or it needs repairing.

The tag contains information such as the name of the inspector, the date the inspection took place and the items identification code.

Why is tagging important?

Tagging is important because it allows us to keep track of our products going in and out and the condition they are in. For example, any item that comes into MGF from a subcontractor needs a yellow tag on it to show it has been inspected and that they can unload it off the wagon. If any item comes to MGF without a yellow ticket on it then it gets rejected as it hasn’t been inspected and is not to our quality.

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