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The 6S's of Summer Safety!

At MGF, we follow these 6S’s in order to keep safe during the summer.


Exposure to the sun affects everyone whether that be at work or undertaking recreational activities, therefore it is highly important we protect ourselves and stay safe when in the sun at all times.

Ultraviolet radiation is extremely dangerous as it damages cells which can lead to cancer. It can also affect our decision making and our ability to assess risks therefore all individuals must limit their exposure to UVR. The NHS states that over 15,000 people in the UK become diagnosed with skin cancer every year.

At MGF, we actively promotes the 6S’s Summer safety. These include: Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide, Sip, Shade. For example, slip on sun protective clothing, slop on sun protection factor 30+ sunscreen, slap on a wide rimmed hat, slide on quality UV tinted sun glasses, sip water regularly and shade from the sun whenever possible.

The 6S’s are important as these are what allow us to educate people on how to keep safe during the summer time especially when working on the yard outside.

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