GRP Lightweight Shoring

UTX Shoring Solution - Watch Our Latest Digital Animation

MGF are pleased to announce that our latest digital animation is now available to view online. Produced in house by our Research and Development team the new animation demonstrates how MGF’s lightweight shoring range, GRiPSHORE®, can be utilised by the Rail sector during an Under Track Crossing (UTX) Installation.

UTX excavations take place routinely and regularly on the UK’s railways as they facilitate the installation of new service and power lines. Securing the walls of these types of excavations has notoriously been a problem point for Rail sector workers as the excavations are usually narrow, restricted and congested. Traditional shoring methods pose an additional health and safety risk as such systems are typically manufactured out of steel and are subsequently unsafe to use in the electrically-live environment of a railway.


MGF have developed the GRiPSHORE® lightweight shoring range as a solution to these problems. GRiPSHORE® products possess innovative qualities and the entire range is produced from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which means it is electrically non-conductive, fire retardant and safe to use in close proximity, or adjacent, to live rail tracks. GRP also means that the product range is transparent to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and the manufacture of GRP uses less CO2 than traditional steel shoring, benefiting the environment. The range is also lightweight which makes it easy to install and remove by hand and the systems are supplied as modular which ensure that they are easily transported for reactive works.

MGF joined the Rail Alliance Network in 2015 and have already received recognition from within the Rail industry for the GRiPSHORE® range when demonstrating the products at Rail networking events. The range was given a final seal of approval when MGF were awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ honour for the products at the British Construction Industry Awards 2015 in the Product Design Innovation category.

MGF’s Engineering Director, Steve Hesketh, commented ‘MGF have developed GRiPSHORE® through collaboration with our customers, including some from the rail sector, and we are confident that these products will be of significant benefit to the rail industry. Our latest digital animation demonstrates with clarity how the products can be utilised in an Under Track Crossing excavation and we hope that the animation will assist our customers in creating safe working environments for their employees.’

Trench supported by GRiPSHORE equipment as construction workers are down inside the excavation
MGF GRiPSHORE utilised in UTX Rail works

The UTX Shoring Solution animation is the most recent digital animation that MGF have produced and made available for our customers to demonstrate how our products can provide safe, practical solutions to their problems. MGF  produce digitally animated safe installation guides to assist our customers in creating safe working environments by showing how to safely install our full range of shoring products on site. The animations can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices and USB copies are also available on request.

Should you wish for any additional information about GRiPSHORE®, UTX  or assistance with an upcoming project, please contact Chris Whitworth, by email or telephone: 01942 402 700