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Disposing of Waste and Recycling Positively

At MGF, we strive for good practice especially in Waste and Recycling.

Firstly, we aim to have a skip for every waste stream possible ensuring that the skips aren’t contaminated with other waste streams. To prevent contamination, we label each skip with the corresponding waste stream. For example all hazardous waste must be stored separately to general waste and collected as such. This includes: paint tins, paint scrapings, paint filters, aerosols, waste oil and other oily waste. We also ensure that pain waste is covered and stored inside to prevent paint contaminated water running into drains and soil. Waste oil barrels get stored inside to prevent rainwater getting into them.

When disposing of waste, we use the waste hierarchy to ensure that there is no excess waste going to landfill and make sure not to over fill skips and bins. We also ensure that the waste is washed out before being disposed of e.g. plastic bottles

At MGF, we have the correct signage for recycling bins hung up, this way our staff know what waste is accepted by the waste carrier. The waste that is usually accepted are cardboard/paper, food tins/drink cans, plastic bottles, pots, trays and film.

All recycling gets disposed of in clear bags otherwise there may be an issue with the collection of the waste. Lastly, at MGF we take every opportunity to educate people on what should and shouldn’t be recycled.

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