Man holding an installation sheet for MGF kit

MGF Collaborate with Working Well Together Group on Safety Sessions

Construction worker helping to install MGF kit onsite

Working Well Together is a national campaign aimed at raising awareness and improving health and safety in the construction industry. They have successfully done so by targeting small audiences with educational sessions who may not have the resources to help educate their workers.

MGF working in partnership with the Working Well Together group, we are able to assist in keeping subcontractors updated on the industry’s best practise. Local contractors are educated on recent legislation changes as well as how to complete temporary work design briefs. The second part of the session comprises of workers going onto site to excavate a trench by installing the correct equipment using best practise. From this, they can take the experience and implement this new knowledge so that all future excavations can be carried out safely.

“I found today very informative, the classroom aspect really enforced the need to follow designs as well as getting design done in the first place. The use of the animations to give an overview of the installation process is really important as well. I will certainly use them myself as part of training and tool box talks”

Andrew Leech, Barhale Construction

A tablet is utilised both during the practical session and on site, as this has all the relevant information required to safety and correctly install temporary works. This allows the workers to clearly see exactly what is meant to happen at each stage.

“The course was very interesting the classroom environment was very informative and the practical bit helps to cover all aspects of how all people learn, its great to take the tablet on site for toolbox talks showing them how to do it correctly”

Julie Thomas, JJ Mullins Civil Engineering

See one of our sessions in the below video.