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30m Man Riding Winch

Allows an operative to be lowered and raised into an area where no ladders are fitted and is most commonly fitted to the RGR1 or T03 Tripod. This system has a single reeved winch capable of 140kg maximum user weight.  
30m x 5mm galvanised steel cable
Max User Weight: 140kg (Single Reeved) / 280kg (double reeved)
Mechanical Advantage of 11:1
Break Wear Indicator / Secondary Brake / Folding Cranking Handle




Cable Length


Max User Weight


Compatible With

30m Man Riding Winch


30m x 5mm (Galvanised steel wire)

140kg/280kg (Single Reeved/Double Reeved)

Brake Wear Indicator/Secondary Brake/Folding Crankling Handle

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