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Counterbalance Davit System

This counterbalance davit system consists of five individual lightweight components to enable easy transportation and installation. RGA4 or AB15RT fall arrest / RGR 7 man-riding winches are connected to the free standing base, the anchoring system includes a weight rack that uses counter balance / ballast weights to provide support for a davit arm. No floor penetration is required, the complete system is modular and can be assembled in minutes providing a safe means of man-riding, fall arrest and rescue from height.
Independently adjustable legs for use on uneven surfaces
The standard range of excavation depth varies from 1m-12m deep
24 x 15kg weights provide 4:1 safety factor
Extendable reach allowing between 19.5” to 29”
The counter balance davit system is ideal for multiple entry points to various
confined spaces or for when a permanent base plate cannot be mounted.
Davit Arm Weight (kg) Davit Weight (kg) Base Weight (kg) Total Assembled Weight (kg)
12 8 60 360
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