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Air Driven Impact Hammer

Perfect for when ground conditions are not suitable for a piling hammer. The Air Driven Impact Hammer is powered by an air compressor, which causes it to impact the top of the sheet pile, repeatedly driving the sheet pile into the ground through impact force.

High impact rate with powerful impact forces
No electricity required
No hydraulic leaks
Low maintenance and operating cost
The Air Driven Impact Hammer is used in combination with an excavator or crane by simply suspending it using a single leg chain. This product provides two Anvil options allowing the configuration suited to all MGF sheet piles as well as AZ sheet piles and king posts.
Model (m) Menck SB120
Anvil Length Option (Length / Width mm) 530 / 385
Anvil Length Option 2 (Length / Width mm) 950 / 385
Assembled Weight – Option 1 (Kg) 2360
Assembled Weight – Option 2 (Kg) 2465
Percussion Weight Kg 390
Theoretical impact energy per impact (kNm) 6.0
Theoretical impact energy per impact (Kilogram-force meter Kg.m) 611.83
Stroke number (air) blows per min 150
Operating pressure requirement (air) for compressor specification 6-7 bar or 87-102 psi
Min Compressor Volume required Larger Volume Compressors can be used – but adjust settings to give these values 11m3/min or 400 CFM
Air Inlet Connection size 2″ BSP
Max Weight of items to be driven by SB120 1600Kg
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