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AL5 Adjustable Lifting Beam

The AL5 Adjustable Lifting Beam is a modular single-point lifting beam that is perfect for lifting operations where there is limited headroom. The beam is connected to the crane/plant conducting the lift using a sling or single leg chain which can be sized to suit the lift. AL5 Adjustable lifting beams have a maximum working load limit of 5t.
Perfect for lifting operations with limited headroom
Fully adjustable, to account for a variety of lifting requirements
Available with up to 8 hanging points, to spread the weight of the load
Suitable for unbalanced loads
Created using our existing UniShore® design this modular system is built to the desired length by connecting together medium duty UniShore extensions. The beam is provided with a dedicated upper lifting point and lower hanging points that are bolted within the UniShore extensions. These points can be adjusted in increments of 500mm along the length of the beam, allowing for achievable spans between hanging points from 1.5m to 5.5m.
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