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For use in difficult ground conditions, MGF's Auger can be used to drill into the ground to loosen the material prior to using an EMV. The Auger connects to the excavator quick hitch using our Pipe Lifter bolted head plates for ease of use on site.
Supplied with an in house developed cradle to control the auger during use
Ø400mm drill bit available
Telescopic extension to achieve a max depth of 6.4m or above 6.4m rigid extension pieces can be added to achieve 9m max with 400dia drill
suitable for excavator capacities from 13t-45t
A complementary product to our existing EMV range.
Oil Pressure Range (bar) Torque Range (Nm) Oil Flow Range (lpm) Speed Range (rpm) Hub Options (mm²) Height (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg) Hitch Options Auger Range Rec. Drilling Diameter Range (mm)
180-310 20510-35323 80-225 11-31 110 1411 406 442 Single pin hitch, double pin cradle hitch PA 300-1500


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