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Crowcon T4 Portable Gas Detector

A lightweight, robust multi gas detector that provides effective protection against 4 common gas hazards: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, flammable gases and oxygen depletion with improved detection of pentane, hexane and other long chain hydrocarbons. Its single button and intuitive menu system allows the T4 to be operated wearing gloves and with minimal training.
Gas Detector
Improved gas detection technology
Visible red and green led for quick and easy use
Drop tested to 4m and well protected from water ingress through IP65 and IP67 certification, uninterrupted work can be carried out in the most demanding environments.
Gases Resistance Dimensions (cm) Weight (g) Logging Operating Temperature (°C)
Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Flammable Gases, Oxygen Depletion Water, vibration, shock, dust 135 W x 80 H x 35 D 282 130 hours of data logging; up to 3500 events -20 to +55
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