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Culvert Puller

A powerful, fast and safe method of installing pre-cast culvert units and large diameter pipes with the accuracy needed to achieve specified joint tolerances.
Variety of pulling beams and fittings available to suit all standard units
Bespoke beams and fittings available on request
Adapters available for installing pipes and culverts with internal heights less than 1.2m
Heavy duty struts and strut extensions available for internal heights of 3.0m-4.2m
The MGF Culvert Pullers offers a maximum pull of up to 14t.


Pulling Capacity (t) Culvert Inside Height (mm) Pulling Options Power Options Puller Weight (kg) Remote Operation
14 1220-3050* Pulling Beam or Pulling Hooks 6kVA 32A Generator / 12V Battery 350 Corded/Wireless

*Adaptors available to allow smaller or bigger culverts / pipes to be pulled.

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