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Dräger Saver CF10 Escape Set

An effective and uncomplicated escape system for use in hazardous environments and requires the minimum of user training, it is easy to use and extremely compact in design giving the user freedom of movement and ease of storage. The flame retardant hood incorporates a wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision and comes with a long life ozone resistant neck seal. It has a pressure gauge that can be read through a transparent viewing window to allow quick and easy low cylinder content checks while the photoluminescent panels allow the unit to be viewed when there is low levels of light or visibility.
Automatically activated when the carrying bag is opened
An in-built whistle sounds when the unit is nearing the end of its air supply
Photo-luminescent panels allow the unit to be seen even at very low ambient light and visibility levels
Provides approximately 10 minutes of air supply
Developed with the user in mind, the Dräger Saver CF10 can be used by anyone in an emergency escape situation, especially designed to be as easy to do as is possible, regardless of face shape or size and is suitable for users with glasses or facial hair.
Conformance Dimensions (mm) Cylinder Charging Pressure (bar) Airflow (L/min) Operating Temperature Range (°C) Weight (kg) Cylinder
BS EN 1146 260 x 510 x 190 200 35-37 -15 – +60 4.2 2L 200 bar aluminium
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