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F55 Spreader Frame

The F55 Spreader Frame is a new modular product that is designed to lift heavy items preventing them from being damaged or crushed. Capable of a maximum Working Load Limit of 55t, this product can be built up in square or rectangular configurations from 1m to 10m.
Designed to lift heavy items, preventing them from being damaged/crushed
Can be easily built up to the correct length, in increments as small as 0.25m
Ideal for lifting large, heavy objects such as shipping containers
Available with a range of endless round fabric slings
Utilises extension pieces which are also used with our S80 Spreader Beam system, ideal for use with MGF’s T33 Lifting Tray.
Description Weight (kg)
Spreader Frame Corner Attachment 130
0.25m Spreader Extension 44
0.5m Spreader Extension 55
1.0m Spreader Extension 79
1.5m Spreader Extension 104
2.0m Spreader Extension 127
3.0m Spreader Extension 174
5.0m Spreader Extension 267


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