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A lightweight, plastic temporary edge protection system, designed to be quickly and easily installed by hand. For use with GRP Trench Boxes, GRP Mini Trench Boxes and GRP Modular Boxes.
Compatible with the following GRiPSHORE products: GRP Trench Box, GRP Mini Trench Box and GRP Modular Box
Can create a constant run of edge protection by connecting panels together
GRP Edgesafe 3D animation
Incredibly lightweight and rapid installation by hand with no mechanical fixings
Electrically non-conductive with integrated kick board
The system employs GRP adaptors which simply slot onto the shoring products with no mechanical fixings to provide edge protection to an excavation.
Panel Length (mm) Weight (kg) Adaptor Weight (kg)
1370 10 2

Corresponds to BS EN 13374 (2013) Class A

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