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GRiPSHORE® GRP Sheets and Walers

A versatile fully boarded shoring solution designed to horizontally brace trenches for the safe installation of utilities in excavations up to 2.0m deep with widths from 0.62m to 2.0m. Frames can be installed continuously for an infinite trench length.
Lightweight – UK manufactured from GRP to BS EN 13706
Safe manual handling without the need for an excavator
Above view of a GRP Sheets & Walers animation
Suitable for commercial vehicles with small payload capacity
Electrically non-conductive and fire retardant to ASTM E84 Class 1
Standard Solutions are available for this product.
Description Weight (kg)
1.6m GRP Waler 6.2
2.1m GRP Waler 8.1
1.5m GRP Sheet 5.0
2.0m GRP Sheet 6.7


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