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High Clearance Standard Trench Box

The High Clearance Standard Trench Box is an alternative design to our standard trench box panels and allows for a greater understrut clearance of 1525mm. Up to one standard trench box top can be added to allow for a maximum depth of up to 4.08m.
Panel Weight = 1200kg
300mm additional understrut clearance over our existing Standard Trench Box panels
High clearance standard trench box
Panel SWL = 30kN/m²
Ideal for allowing larger utilities to be installed/repaired
Compatible with existing standard trench box top, trench box struts and adaptors, connecting pins and chains as well as our range of shoring safety equipment.
Description/Sizes Length x Height (mm) Max Depth (mm) Internal Width (mm) Panel Thickness (mm) Panel Weight (kg) Length between Struts (m) Under Strut Clearance (m)
High Clearance Standard Trench Box panel 3500 x 2500 4000 605 – 3625 100 1200 3246 1.52
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