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A gated ladder access platform available in a variety of formats that allow it to quickly and effectively clamp to either steel trench sheets, sheet piles or box systems. Designed to be lifted into place by an excavator, this platform allows the safe access and egress of operatives into an excavation.
Complies with BS EN 13374 (2013) Class A temporary edge protection systems
Compatible with box systems, steel trench sheets and steel piles
Animated image of Laddersafe
Interchangeable ladder attachment pole for access from either side
Platform extension to suit braced cofferdams
Description Weight (kg) Compatible With
Type 1 Laddersafe 156 Steel Trench Sheets, All Boxes and Framed Excavations
Type 2 Laddersafe 166 All Drag Boxes
Type 3 Laddersafe 277/300 Sheet Piles
Mini Laddersafe 100 Steel Trench Sheets, All Boxes and Framed Excavations up to 203UC Brace
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