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Manhole Brace

The simple to assemble, four-sided hydraulic frame system has been designed to brace small cofferdams and ensure the safe construction of manholes, pipe installations and tanks as well as carrying out repairs to highways and footpaths.
Available in a range of sizes from 1.4m to 6.0m
Individual legs are interchangeable and can be used in different combinations
Hydraulic cylinder incorporated in each brace leg for adjustment of frame size
Installed using an excavator

Product Description Assembled Leg Range (mm) Weight (kg) Compatible With
Min Max
Manhole Brace – (A) Leg 1730 2617 120 B, BC, CD, D
Manhole Brace – (B) Leg 2192 3703 172 A, BC, CD, D
Manhole Brace – (AB-) Leg 1375 2005 146 BC, CD, D
Manhole Brace – (AB) Leg 1943 3143 200 BC, CD, D
Manhole Brace – (BC) Leg 2973 4173 312 All
Manhole Brace – (CD) Leg 3573 4773 341 All
Manhole Brace – (D) Leg 4836 6063 500 All

SA = Single Acting. DA = Double Acting

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