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Manual Chain Block

The chain block, commonly known as a hand chain hoist or block and tackle, usually features top and bottom hooks. The static top hook suspends the hoist from a beam clamp or trolley while the bottom/load hook is raised and lowered by pulling down on the hand chain. This turns the gears inside the hoisting unit to raise or lower the load. Both hooks feature safety catches to ensure that the load and the hoist are secure once suspended and lifted.
Other sizes available up to 50 tonnes
Wide throat drop forged top and bottom hooks are designed to open slowly to warn of overload
Manufactured in accordance with EN13157
Ratchet type brake with independent twin pawls for reliability and greater safety

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Available pre-chained in 3m, 6m and 9m HOL. All other Height of Lift (HOL) available on request.
WLL (t) No. of Falls Load Chain (mm) Hand Chain (mm) Standard Lift (m) Weight (kg) Extra Weight per m (kg)
2.00 1 8 x 24 5 x 25 3 17.60 2.20
3.00 2 8 x 24 5 x 25 3 22.50 3.00
5.00 2 10 x 30 5 x 25 3 39.50 5.20
10.00 4 10 x 30 5 x 25 3 83.90 9.50
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