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Multi Test Stopper

The Multi Test Stopper is designed for use when air testing drainage pipes to a standard air test of 100mm water over air. The flexible core is durable, easy to use and lightweight making them ideal for testing awkward to reach locations. Inflation is via a hand pump or mini compressor using a pressure regulator.
Highly versatile and durable pipe stopper
Designed for standard air test of 100mm of water over air
Maximum inflation pressure must not be exceeded

Range (mm) Maximum Inflation Pressure (bar) Minimum Working Diameter (mm) Maximum Working Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
600/700 1.5 600 700 240 10
700/800 1.5 700 800 240 12
800/900 1.5 800 900 240 14
900/1050 1.5 900 1050 240 16
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