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Analog Davit System

This analog davit system is ideal for man-riding operations and fall arrest / retrieval situations in open excavations or pits, where a cantilever system is required. The davit comes in a modular system which can be broken down for ease of transport and installation.
50031- 50kg one piece gives you a reach of 1.32m and a height of 2.59m
Lightweight and easy to assemble
Fully certified
50037 - 60kg one piece gives you a reach of 2.28m and a height of 2.99m
It gives the customer the extra height and reach needed when the standard davit system does not meet the requirements.
Version Davit Arm (kg) Davit Pillar (kg) Base (kg) Total Assembled Weight (kg)
Analog Davit 1.32m Reach 17 20 Subject to Base Selected 37.7
Analog Davit 2.28m Reach 20 20 Subject to Base Selected 40
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