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Piling Hammer (EMV)

A piling and extraction attachment for the easy and cost-effective installation of trench sheets and sheet piles. EMVs reduce the cohesion of soils through vibrations which effectively fluidises the soil.
Extremely low height of the piling hammer allows driving of long piles
High push/pull force for increased driving performance
Fitted with a safety circuit
Clamps can be rotated 90° to allow face working
It can easily be attached to an excavator, directly to the boom or via a quick hitch adaptor.

The MS1 unit is smaller and lighter than our MS3 and MS4 units, reducing headroom needed for installing sheets.
Centrifugal Force max. kN 90 296 374
Eccentric Moment max. kgm 0.7 3.0 4.2
Frequency max. Hz 56 50 47.5
Speed max. rpm 3360 3000 2850
Pulling Force max. kN 34 60 120
Push Down max. kN 34 40 80
Max. Power at Vibrator kW 60 70 100
Total Weight (incl. clamping device) kg 350 830 1230
Dyn. Weight (incl. clamping device) kg 230 585 940
Amplitude mm 6.1 10.3 8.9
Oil Flow max. l/min 102 120 171
Length L mm 722 1153 1216
Width B mm 472 623 725
Height (incl. clamping device) H mm 538 1175 1250
Width at Throat T mm 230 260 340
Standard Clamping Device MS-U 12 MS-U 40 MS-U 60
Recommended Power Pack N/A MS-A 110v MS-A 110v


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